Composed/Compound Butter

Composed/Compound Butter

Composed/Compound butter is nothing more than added various herbs add flavors to softened butter and forming into a log.

Label and freeze or refrigerate the flavored butter log and slice of a piece to add on top of cooked meats or vegetables .

Mine has roasted garlic, pepper and rosemary mixed with 1 stick of butter. So easy and great to have on hand. Let your imagination run wild.

11 thoughts on “Composed/Compound Butter

  1. This looks fantastic. What a great idea! I’ve made lemon-honey-butter and orange-cinnamon butter before, but adding savory seasonings like this is such an easy way to add a lot of flavor. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I’m going to try this one…its easy to make and will definitely come in handy…

    Best regards,

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