Italian Muffaletta

Italian Muffaletta


Olive tapenade

I don’t measure anything for this recipe. This is the list of what I use. Mix and add your favorites.

Marinated Artichokes, drained


whole garlic cloves

Pine nuts, toasted

Mixed olives such as kalamata, black , green etc..

Parmesan cheese




roasted red peppers

Olive oil

I place all the above in a food processor and blend until smooth. Add as much olive oil to create nice consistency.

Variety of Italian Cheeses

Variety of Italian Meats

Round Italian loaf of bread

Hollow out the loaf of bread. Same bread  removed for bread crumbs for later use. Spread some tapenade in the hollowed loaf and begin layering with the meat and cheese and tapenade, top with the top of loaf and wrap with plastic wrap. Place in refrigerator and weight down with heavy objects for a few hours to overnight. When ready to serve, unwrap and cut into wedges.

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