3 lbs. potatoes, washed

2 sticks butter

1 1/4 cups hot milk

black pepper

1 head cabbage, cored and finely shredded

1 lb. ham ,cooked and  diced

4 green onions, sliced

chopped parsley for garnish

Steam potatoes with skin on for 30 minutes. Peel them using a knife or fork. Chop with knife and then mash to remove all lumps. Add stick of butter in pieces. Gradually add hot milk, always stirring. Season with pepper.

Boil cabbage in unsalted water and turns a darker color. Add 2 tablespoons butter. Cover with lid for 2 minutes. Drain  well.

Put ham in large saucepan and cover with water. Bring to boil and simmer until tender, drain well.

Add cabbage, scallions and ham to potatoes, stir to combine.

Serve in bowls with a pat of butter. Also makes great potato pancakes.

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