Guest Blog from Jill Skeem, author of Comfort Food Gets A Vegan Makeover


I was watching the evening news tonight and saw a report on a product that will be available this spring. It is called the Hapifork. This computerized fork vibrates when one eats too quickly (taking additional bites prior to 20 seconds). While I agree that eating slowly helps with the digestion of your food and chewing your food longer definitely improves the nutritional benefit you will receive from your food, but a vibrating fork! All you have to do is put your fork down in between bites!! This will slow you down, so you don’t overeat. It takes 20 minutes for your body to register that it is full. If you eat faster than that, you will overeat and then after 20 minutes, it will hit you…you are full…and now want to burst. By putting your fork down in between bites and chewing your food really well, you will end up eating less but feeling satisfied. This works no matter WHAT you are eating.

Jill’s book signing and tasting for Comfort Food Gets a Vegan Makeover is tomorrow at Rudy’s from 11-1. If you can’t make it, Rudy’s in Twin Falls, Idaho is selling her book. Go to for more information about purchasing.

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