Fond memories today as I enjoy reading Grandmas cookbooks.

There are so many other things that I should be doing today, instead I’m sitting down and reading my Grandmas old cookbooks. Some even tell you how to gauge the temperature of the oven by how long you can hold your hand over the fire of the wood stove and others use egg shells as the measuring cups. What I remember is how I absolutely loved her Lemon Meringue pie and Carrot pudding.

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Kitchen is still in flux, so I’m doing a little crafting in the meantime.

My kitchen is still not finished , so I’m doing some crafting projects in the meantime.

This is an old table I knew I would never get around to properly refinishing. I decided I would paint in black and as a result it has turned into a perfect happy accident for one of my bedrooms.

This is a picture of 2 old poultry cages I have held on to for years. They are over 100 years old.

After a thorough cleaning, I sealed them with a clear lacquer, added industrial wheels and topped off with glass.

These cages have lots of fond memories attached to them. My father-in-law and my husband used them to transport homing pigeons, one of my sons used them for his baby rabbits.

One of my sons selling his baby rabbits from the poultry cages.

Currently,  I’m working on a privacy/dressing screen made from 2 old bead board doors. Picture to come soon.